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Eknoworks Binamaju Sdn.Bhd (962814-A), a company incorporated in Malaysia 2011, our headquarter based at Petaling Jaya, is Malaysia’s dynamic developer and leading innovator on mobile apps development, online digital marketing. Learn more about us here. We are a group of developers with diverse background including design thinkers, creative design, programmers & coders, developers & supported by our strong investor partners that allow us to scale any given project. We are passionate individuals with multi-discipline that focus on developing quality design and user experience to bring your ideas of mobile apps to reality.

The complexities in the business world make it more difficult and complicated for business owners in different industries to maintain a competitive edge over others. The good thing is that there is now a lot of extensive mobile business applications designed to boost your sales and fulfill your business goals. However, with the overwhelming number of business tools these days, it becomes even more complicated for business owners to get hold of the best applications that will be beneficial for their business. This is actually where Quximo comes in.

Entering into the intricate and rapidly growing corporate marketplace as a primary key for access and ingenuity, Quximo is a dynamic, comprehensive directory for business mobile apps and platform to create business apps for mobile. This enables business owners to increase their product & services visibility to consumers, and create convenience for customers to categorically browse a wide variety of business mobile apps in one site, Quximo!

As the first and ultimate business mobile apps directory, Quximo serves as a focal point for all business operators and business owners who are looking for innovative application that can boost their business and improve their revenue. This is also the ultimate mobile apps directory for those who are seeking to add interactive as well as highly informative applications to their business tools that could improve their business potential.


We really love to learn everyday. This is how good we are right now.

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