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Build Store And Make Money

Mobile Commerce

Build an app store to sell your products through Shopify and Ebay. Shopify is a powerful ecommerce website solution that allows you to sell online by providing everything you need to create an online store. Perfect platform for merchants who wants to capture today's growing mobile-centric consumers.

Mobile Ordering

Create a menu list your product or services that supports unlimited level categories. Bring ease to purchase through the app with secured payment gateway through PayPal, MolPay and Judo. With built-in QR-Code generator print product QR codes allowing customers to scan through their app and make that purchase in their phone. Once the orders are placed through the app, it will show up instantly on our ‘Merchant Orders’ app, ePrinter and email. This is a perfect platform for restaurants, franchises or retail stores.


Create infinite coupons notifying latest promos and special offers to entice customers and bring repeat business.

Secure Payment

Receive payment from bank online transfer, credit card, debit card, Visa, Mastercard and much more when customers make payment through the app with PayPal, MolPay, Judo and other payment gateway providers. Now you can receive payments anytime and anywhere 365 around the clock.

Promote Your Business

About Us

Give a view of your business with image or video and description feature so customers can learn more of your brand.

Contact Us

Make it easy for your customers to dial direct with a click of a button, or send an email, find your business address map locations and link to your company's website URLs. An awesome, easy way to add in any content type all in one location.

Branch Locations & Maps

List your branch locations with Map directions to help customers to locate to get to those branches.

Photo Galleries

Add unlimited categories and upload photos on your galleries that can be viewed as slideshow and shared among your users. Perfect fit for photography studios, designers, art galleries and service industries.

Events & News Update

Great way to post notice your events & latest news update to your users. Allows users to save directly to their phone calendar.

Menus & Catalogues

Do you have multiple products or services? Easily create unlimited menus & categories to list your products or services or even directory listing. With built-in QR code generator on the CMS, easily print out QR codes and display on your store, customers are able to scan the QR code for product info or prices.

Engage Users

User reviews & Testimonials

Users can comment reviews or post testimonials by singing in through Facebook. Perfect way to engage users and continuously interact to help build your brand trust. Comments can be moderated through the CMS.

Push Notification

Expand your market reach with the power of notification alerts for free. Send push notification with a push of a button to your target users about the newest news, updates, promotions and updates at anytime and anywhere.

Facebook & Twitter

Share your Facebook & Twitter communications to trigger brand messages and viral marketing. Sharing feature allows your fans to share the app among their friends and families.

Manage Apps

Easy Customization

Easily build and customize your app design and contents with simple selection tools, ready made templates and drag and drop contents.


Preview your app live while customizing and editing your content on the CMS. Your app simulator is updated real-time as you customizing.

Multiple Language

No holds barred to language. Create contents in multiple language to reach global market.


Track your users demographics and usage with Google Analytics tracking built right in. Go in-depth understanding of What are they searching? Why users prefer? When did it happen? How is the user experience? when users using your app.

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